VIP series


It took me a little while to get into Exposed, but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed it. Taking two characters who have obviously had pent-up feelings for each other for a while and who are part of a tight-knit friend group, and throwing them into a ‘casual’ relationship is bound to make for a goo ...


Every time I read a Kristen Callihan book I’m reminded how talented she is.  I love the variety in her storytelling (if you haven’t yet read her historical/fantasy series Darkest London, or her sports series Game On, you need to get on that), and in her characters.  Managed is a delightful and ...


When I heard Kristen Callihan was writing a new series, I might have mentally (actually) high-fived myself. When I heard the stories are set in the music world, I was initially wary because I’ve recently been spoiled by excellent books about musicians by Mercy Brown and Erika Kelly, and I worried ...