Daughter of Destiny

Set in Wales in Regency times, Daughter of Destiny is the story of a woman, Georgiana, who possesses the ability to create illusions with her mind. Georgiana remains unaware of the power she commands, and is trapped in a marriage of convenience to Brock, Lord Darleigh. She is also a marked woman, th ...

Circle of Stones

When a reader opens a history textbook, it is expected to be rather flat and unemotional. I expect more from a historical novel. This book was packed full of interesting historical facts and detail, but the delivery left much to be desired. I learned some new things, but did not enjoy myself along t ...

Keeper of the Dream

If I had to choose one author whose books I would take to a desert island, it would probably be Penelope Williamson. Her books really are buried treasures and, without exception, keepers for me. Her characters are explored in depth, her stories excel through the richly textured historical background ...