War of 1812

Miss Whittier Makes a List

Have I mentioned how happy I am for indie presses, self-publishing, and the internet lately? I am. I really am. Normally, in the old days, I’d have to scour the internet for those old Carla Kelly Signet Regencies, and save up for outrageous amounts. But reprints are fantastic (especially once you ...

Marriage of Mercy

At times reviewing books is like a little kid eating vegetables. You avoid a book as long as possible and then read it in unpalatable hunks just trying to finish, choking and grimacing all the while. Following that same analogy, Carla Kelly's latest Marriage of Mercy is the dessert, sweet and fulfil ...

My Love, My Enemy

A great book is a always a welcome find but one recommended by a friend is even better. My Love, My Enemy is this kind of book. When her name was first mentioned to me, I thought, "Jan Cox Speas - who"? Now I think, "Jan Cox Speas - great author"! Everything about her writing is a joy. The main char ...