Warrior Trilogy

Black Lion's Bride

Timing is everything. Just ask all those television/movie producers who postponed something because of September 11. Ms. St. John might have the same concern with Black Lion's Bride. The book is set in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1192 and involves a Middle Eastern assassin determined to kill King Ri ...

White Lion's Lady

Tina St. John's latest release, White Lion's Lady, has everything I look for in a good medieval romance: a strong hero, an intelligent and caring heroine, a really unpleasant villain, and plenty of atmosphere. It also has a few unexpected twists and turns, which complement an excellent plot. I have ...

Lady of Valor

Do you remember the first really good medieval romance you read? How it completely captivated you and swept you away to another time and place, how you felt as if you were in the moment? It may have been a Jude Deveraux, or a Julie Garwood, or perhaps it was another author but you get the idea. Tina ...