Welsh Blades series

Desire Lines

The Welsh Blades series is darker and significantly more complex than most of the historical fare I read; its heroines are strong and powerful - far from cookie cutter in every way.  Clever, complicated and thought-provoking, each of the novels in the series has engaged my heart and mind in equal m ...

Fair, Bright and Terrible

Fair, Bright, and Terrible is a companion to The King’s Man, the first of Elizabeth Kingston’s Welsh Blades books. It’s not absolutely necessary to have read that book first, although I found it helpful  and would certainly suggest doing so to anyone interested in reading this one. Fair, Brig ...

The King's Man

Narrated by Nicholas Boulton A couple of months ago, Laura Kinsale announced on her website that although Nicholas Boulton had finished recording all her books (boo!) he was going to be recording some more historical romances (yay!) - “recent titles that I've loved and appreciated for their qua ...