White Woods series

So Wild a Dream

Reading Beautiful Wreck in 2014, I was blown away by Larissa Brown’s dreamlike writing style and the romance within. When I read the first part of the follow-up in 2016, I enjoyed the story but wasn’t left with that lovely breathless feeling I craved. Luckily, while I wasn’t floating weightles ...

So Wild a Dream

Two years ago, I declared Larissa Brown’s Beautiful Wreck was one of the Best Books of 2014. Last year, we raved about her novella, Tress. And I was so excited to read So Wild A Dream, set in the same world as Beautiful Wreck, that when I got the chance to review it, I was literally breathless. Ma ...

Beautiful Wreck

First things first - don’t judge this book by its cover. From the official cover, I was expecting something a bit childish - definitely with Vikings, but still childish. This is the author’s first work, after all, and it’s unusual to read a first romance that fully moves the reader. Well, cons ...