WWII Romance

Things We Didn't Say

I’m a big fan of epistolary novels and books set in the WWII time period, so Things We Didn’t Say, a story told in letters, snippets from newspapers, and telegrams about  a WWII prison camp for German soldiers in a small town in Minnesota was a perfect fit for me. Johanna Berglund was always ...

The Sky Above Us

World War Two is one of my favorite historical periods and I love the cheesy films about the fighting forces made in that era and the decade immediately following. Meant to be more patriotic than accurate, they paint a glamorized, clean cut picture of the American soldier and the women they fall in ...

The Bronze Horseman

I define a "Desert Isle Keeper" as a book that sticks in my mind long after I’ve read the last page, a book I’ll re-read and think about, one I’d recommend to all and sundry. Usually I can give someone lots of information about a DIK read – but not in this case. This is one of the most chall ...