Wynette Texas series

The Great Escape

Once upon a time, Susan Elizabeth Phillips wrote a terrific novel about a bride who ran off with a man on a motorcycle. She took a chance, left behind a wealthy lifestyle and a wedding full of family and friends and ran towards an uncertain future with a bad boy. It was a fantastic tale of a woman f ...

Call Me Irresistible

Talk about your perfect day. I spent the day inside, watching big fluffy snow flakes fall from the warmth of my home, while I snuggled up on the couch with a warm blanket, a cup of coffee, and the brand new Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, Call Me Irresistible. As with all of Ms. Phillips' books, t ...

What I Did for Love

I assumed that Susan Elizabeth Phillips' newest would be an A or A- read for me, or at worst, a B+. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. While in the end there were a number of things I liked about the book, I'll be honest: If not reading it for review, I would have put it down repeatedly, pe ...

Glitter Baby

Ever since I started reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips' contemporary romances, I've been hearing readers say that they wish she'd return to her days of contemporary fiction. Having read Glitter Baby, I now know why. Belinda Britton was a star-struck beauty who lived for the sight of a silver scree ...

First Lady

This is the type of story I would be afraid to pick up if it didn't have the name Susan Elizabeth Phillips on the cover, because there aren't many authors out there that could get me to suspend my disbelief long enough to read a romance about the First Lady. For one thing, those of us who were born ...

Lady Be Good

Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Lady Be Good is, in a word, terrific. The characters are richly drawn, and that includes both the primary hero and heroine, and the secondary characters as well. It's hilarious too, incredibly sexy, and extremely well written - included in all that funny and sensual writing ...