Mackenzie’s Mountain

By Linda Howard, 1989 (reissued 2000), Originally a series but re-released as single title
MIRA, $5.99, ISBN #1551665743
Part of the Mackenzie series, comprised of:

Mackenzie’s Mountain, Mackenzie’s Mission, Mackenzie’s Pleasure, Mackenzie’s Magic, and A Game of Chance

Sensuality: Hot

Linda Howard pens hot and exciting romances with sexy, mouth watering men and strong women who fight for what they want. Half-breed Wolf Mackenzie, (whew, the name alone sends chills through my body) refuses to give in to the prejudice directed at he and his son by the people of Ruth, Wyoming.

Wolf stayed on his mountain on the outskirts of town and had very little to do with the townsfolk until the arrival of school teacher Mary Elizabeth Potter. Mary stirs everything up when she won’t let sixteen-year-old Joe Mackenzie drop out of school. She begins tutoring him in her home. The townsfolk don’t like it, and neither does Wolf, although his desire for her burns with such intensity it singes the pages. For the first time in her life Mary understands sexual attraction. But it’s more than that. Not only does Mary want Wolf, she loves him as well.

But she’ll have to fight for the right to love him. A few years ago a series of rapes occurred and Wolf was mistakenly jailed for them. He was finally cleared of all charges. When the local townswomen are being attacked again, Wolf is accused once more. Mary is incensed by this injustice and prejudice and tries to draw the culprit out, placing herself in great danger in the process.

Mary may be considered plain but she gives Wolf an exhilarating run. The emotions throughout the story are intense and Ms. Howard delivers. This finely crafted romance has deliciously racy love scenes and a fantastic plot. All the elements readers look for are there to be enjoyed.

My only complaint was it ended too soon. If you haven’t already read this dynamite novel, I urge you to run out and buy it. It was out of print but a couple of months ago, Silhouette reprinted it with Joe’s story, Mackenzie’s Mission. There are other books about Mary’s and Wolf’s children out there and I’ve read each one and all of them are fabulous. I just hope she continues to write about the Mackenzies.

— Darlene Kendall

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