Heroes in Pursuit

Found here are romances with heroes who pursue the heroine with everything they have. These heroes have more than lust in mind, however. They have noble intentions, or, at least, intentions that turn noble very quickly. They want (and need!) to be with their ladies forever.

(List begun 09/03, updated 07/13)

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  • Fairest of Them All (1995) by Teresa Medeiros – Sir Austyn of Gavenmore
  • Uncommon Vows (1991) by Mary Jo Putney – Adrian de Lancey, Earl of Shropshire (A at AAR)
  • Mystique (1995) by Amanda Quick – Sir Hugh the Relentless, Lord of Scarcliffe (C+/C at AAR)
  • Katherine (1954) by Anya Seton – John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (A at AAR)
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  • The Notorious Rake (1992) by Mary Balogh – Lord Edmond Waite (A at AAR)
  • Lord Stanhope’s Proposal (2000) by Jessica Benson – Tristan Rutherford-Hayes, Earl of Stanhope (A at AAR)
  • A Debt of Honour (1982) by Diana Brown – Peter, Lord Chalmsforth (B+ at AAR)
  • The Toll-Gate (1954) by Georgette Heyer – Captain John Staple
  • The Unknown Ajax (1959) by Georgette Heyer – Hugh Darracott
  • Miss Grimsley’s Oxford Career (1992) by Carla Kelly – James Gatewood, Marquess of Chesney
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  • Love with the Proper Husband (2003) by Victoria Alexander – Marcus Holcraft, Earl of Pennington (A- at AAR)
  • The Care and Feeding of Pirates (2005) by Jennifer Ashley – Christopher Raine (B- at AAR)
  • The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (2009) by Jennifer Ashley – Lord Ian Mackenzie (A- at AAR)
  • Winter Garden (2000) by Adele Ashworth – Thomas Blackwood (A at AAR)
  • Seducing an Angel (2009) by Mary Balogh – Stephen Huxtable, Earl of Merton (B+ at AAR)
  • A Summer to Remember (2002) by Mary Balogh – Christopher Butler, Viscount Ravensberg (A at AAR)
  • Thief of Dreams (1998) by Mary Balogh – Nigel Wetherby, Viscount Wroxley (B+ at AAR)
  • A Lady’s Pleasure (2006) by Renee Bernard – Drake Sotherton, Duke of Sussex (B at AAR)
  • The Spymaster’s Lady (2008) by Joanna Bourne – Robert Grey (A at AAR)
  • As You Desire (1997) by Connie Brockway – Harry Braxton (A at AAR)
  • The Dark Queen (2005) by Susan Carroll – Justice Deauville, Comte de Renard (A- at AAR)
  • Captives of the Night (1994) by Loretta Chase – Ismal Delvina aka Comte d’Esmond (A at AAR)
  • Miss Wonderful (2004) by Loretta Chase – Alistair Carsington (B+ at AAR)
  • Night Fire (1989) by Catherine Coulter – Burke Drummond, Earl of Ravensworth (A at AAR)
  • Dance (1996) by Judy Cuevas – Sebastien de Saint Vallier (A- at AAR)
  • At Your Pleasure (2012) by Meredith Duran – Adrian Ferrers, Earl of Rivenham (B+ at AAR)
  • The Duke of Shadows (2008) by Meredith Duran – Julian Sinclair, Marquess of Holdensmoor (partially set in India) (B- at AAR)
  • Wicked Becomes You (2010) by Meredith Duran – Alexander Ramsey (A- at AAR)
  • The Fortune Hunter (2002) by Diane Farr – George Carstairs, Baron Rival (B+ at AAR)
  • Sweet Awakening (1995) by Marjorie Farrell – Giles Whitton, Viscount Whitton
  • Guardian Angel (1990) by Julie Garwood – Marquess of Cainewood (A- at AAR)
  • The Lion’s Lady (1988) by Julie Garwood – Marquess of Lyonwood (A at AAR)
  • To Catch a Bride (2009) by Anne Gracie – Rafe Ramsey (B+ at AAR)