Met as Children


Heroes and heroines in these books have known each other since childhood, or since both or at least one them was was younger than their mid-teens.

List begun 01/13, updated 04/13

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  • A Rose in Winter (1998) by Shana Abe (C- at AAR)
  • The Running Vixen (1992) by Elizabeth Chadwick
  • The Wedding (1997) by Julie Garwood (B at AAR)
  • She Who Laughs Last (2003) by Jennie Klassel (A- at AAR)

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  • Falling for Chloe (2000) by Diane Farr (B+ at AAR)
  • Bath Tangle (1955) by Georgette Heyer
  • Charity Girl (1970) by Georgette Heyer
  • Cotillion (1953) by Georgette Heyer
  • Friday’s Child (1944) by Georgette Heyer (A at AAR)
  • The Foundling (1948) by Georgette Heyer
  • An Early Engagement (1990) by Barbara Metzger
  • A London Season (1980) by Joan Wolf

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  • A Matter of Class (2010) by Mary Balogh (A- at AAR)
  • The Black Hawk (2011) by Joanna Bourne (A at AAR)
  • Tempt Me Not (1995) by Eve Byron
  • The Devil You Know (2003) by Liz Carlyle (C at AAR)
  • Wicked All Day (2009) by Liz Carlyle
  • Last Night’s Scandal (2010) by Loretta Chase (A at AAR)
  • Goddess of the Hunt (2009) by Tessa Dare (B at AAR)
  • A Passion for Him (2007) by Sylvia Day (B at AAR)
  • Sweet Awakening (1995) by Marjorie Farrell
  • Bride by Mistake (2012) by Anne Gracie (B at AAR)
  • Secret Desires of a Gentleman (2008) by Laura Lee Guhrke (A- at AAR)
  • Wedding of the Season (2010) by Laura Lee Guhrke
  • Powder and Patch (1922) by Georgette Heyer (A at AAR)
  • The Romantic (2004) by Madeline Hunter
  • Tempting Fate (2009) by Alissa Johnson (B at AAR)
  • One Night With You (2008) by Sophie Jordan (C at AAR)
  • Lessons in French (2010) by Laura Kinsale (B- at AAR)
  • Again the Magic (2004) by Lisa Kleypas (B+ at AAR)
  • Seduce Me at Sunrise (2008) by Lisa Kleypas (A- at AAR)
  • What Isabella Desires (2007) by Anne Mallory (D at AAR)
  • Innocence Undone (1997) by Kat Martin (B+ at AAR)
  • The Kiss (2008) by Sophia Nash (A- at AAR)
  • If I Fall (2012) by Kate Noble (B+ at AAR)
  • The Unclaimed Duchess (2010) by Jenna Petersen (C+ at AAR)
  • The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (2007) by Julia Quinn (B- at AAR)
  • One Wild Night (2003) by Barbara Dawson Smith (C+ at AAR)
  • Sweet Deception (2012) by Heather Snow
  • His at Night (2010) by Sherry Thomas (secondary romance) (B+ at AAR)
  • Not Quite a Husband (2009) by Sherry Thomas (A at AAR)
  • Tempting the Bride (2012) by Sherry Thomas (A- at AAR)
  • At the Duke’s Pleasure (2010) by Tracy Ann Warren (C- at AAR)
  • Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed (2010) by Tracy Ann Warren (B at AAR)
  • Lady Sarah’s Son (1999) by Gayle Wilson (B+ at AAR)
  • The Pretenders (1999) by Joan Wolf (B at AAR)

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  • Always to Remember (1996) by Lorraine Heath (A/B- at AAR)


    • Courting Miss Hattie (1998) by Pamela Morsi
      • Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold (2010) by Ellen O’Connell

      Contemporary Romances

      • Coming Undone (2007) by Susan Andersen
      • Creed (2012) by Kristen Ashley (Erotica)
      • For You (2011) by Kristen Ashley
      • Games of the Heart (2012) by Kristen Ashley
      • Blade’s Lady (8/2000) by Fiona Brand – SIM-1023 (B- at AAR)
      • Force of Nature (2007) by Suzanne Brockmann (B at AAR)
      • Slow Heat in Heaven (1988) by Sandra Brown
      • Unlawful Contact (2008) by Pamela Clare (B+ at AAR)
      • The Best Man (2013) by Kristan Higgins (B+/B at AAR)
      • After the Night (1997) by Linda Howard (B at AAR)
      • Her Best Friend (4/2010) by Sarah Mayberry – HSR-1626
      • She’s Got It Bad (4/2009) by Sarah Mayberry – HB-464 (A- at AAR)
      • Remember When (1996) by Judith McNaught
      • His Wife for One Night (2/2011) by Molly O’Keefe – HSR-1688 (B+ at AAR)
      • Maggy’s Child (1994) by Karen Robards (B- at AAR)
      • Carolina Moon (2001) by Nora Roberts (B/D+ at AAR)
      • Honest Illusions (1992) by Nora Roberts (A at AAR)
      • Public Secrets (1990) by Nora Roberts
      • Rising Tides (1998) by Nora Roberts (A/B+ at AAR)
      • Savor the Moment (2010) by Nora Roberts (C+ at AAR)
      • Tears of the Moon (2000) by Nora Roberts (A- at AAR)
      • The Heart of Devin MacKade (2/1996) by Nora Roberts – SIM-697
      • The Last Boyfriend (2012) by Nora Roberts (B- at AAR)
      • Waiting for Nick (1/1997) by Nora Roberts – SSE-1088
      • A Risk Worth Taking (8/1983) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel – HAR-17
      • Instant Temptation (2010) by Jill Shalvis (B- at AAR)
      • A Place to Call Home (1998) by Deborah Smith (B+ at AAR)
      • Stone Flower Garden (2003) by Deborah Smith (B- at AAR)
      • The Hellion (1984) by LaVyrle Spencer
      • All He Ever Dreamed (2013) by Shannon Stacey (C at AAR)
      • Exclusively Yours (2012) by Shannon Stacey
      • Wonderful You (1998) by Mariah Stewart (A- at AAR)
      • Pure Temptation (8/1999) by Vicki Lewis Thompson – HT-744

      Alternate Reality

      • Canyons of Night (2011) by Jayne Castle (C at AAR)
      • Safe Harbor (2007) by Christine Feehan (C+ at AAR)
      • Guardian (2009) by Angela Knight

  • Key of Knowledge (2003) by Nora Roberts (C+ at AAR)
  • Hope’s Folly (2009) by Linnea Sinclair (B+ at AAR)
  • Mine to Possess (2008) by Nalini Singh (A at AAR)
  • After the Golden Age (2011) by Carrie Vaughn (B+ at AAR)

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