We pick the “Buried Treasures” of 2013

In 2013, self-publishing was mainstream, social media allowed authors more specific ways to publicize their work, and everyone had a strongly held opinion about what constituted a great romance novel.  This environment makes the idea of a “buried treasure” more difficult to define. So, let’s agree to accept this definition: a buried treasure is a book you loved you think isn’t as well known as it should be.WHiS
When I asked reviewers here at AAR for their buried treasure nominations, many said it was a difficult thing to pick. Several asked if a novel is still a buried treasure if more than one reviewer lauds it. A few demurred to choose at all, saying there wasn’t a book they felt met the criteria.

Here are the picks our staff ultimately made:

Melanie: “The only book I have that I’d consider to be a buried treasure was Swept up by the Sea by Tracy and Laura […]