An Interview and a Giveaway with Jenny Holiday

Jenny Holiday’s latest 49th Floor novel, His Heart’s Revenge, is her first m/m romance and features two hot heroes with a past. I’ve enjoyed all the 49th Floor books and thought it would be fun to ask Jenny a few questions. She was game and so….

Dabney: Why the 49th floor as opposed to the 23rd or the 86th?

Jennie: Most of the non-hotel skyscrapers in Toronto are in the range of fifty to seventy storeys. I was mindful as I was planning the first book in the series that my hero’s business wasn’t a huge, multi-national operation, and I didn’t realistically see him at the top of one of the highest buildings, so I tried to hit a sweet spot where you could have the fantasy of “wow, we’re really high up and there’s lots of […]