Ode to the Savoury Muffin

1389Coming to New Zealand has been a wonderful culinary experience, amongst other things.  Meat pies!  Kumara!  Pickle!  Steak and egg burgers!  (Only one of the above exclamation marks is sarcastic.)  Most of these so-called discoveries are common to Commonwealth countries, I presume, but living in Canada many of the British influences have been submerged by our southern neighbour.  So no flaky pastry meat pies.  No pickle.  No egg burgers.

One thing we must have in Canada but which I’d never seen before coming to NZ is the savoury muffin.  It’s exactly like a normal blueberry or chocolate muffin, but instead of sweet, it’s savoury.  (Duh.)  And it’s not a savoury scone, because it’s, well, a muffin.  But ohhhhh, the things you can put in it.  Broccoli and blue cheese.  Capsicum and feta and corn.  Avocado and bacon.  Mmmm.  If you make the giant variety, it’s good enough for a […]