March TBR Challenge – Sugar and Spice (Naughty or Nice!)

This month’s TBR challenge called upon us to go to extremes in terms of sensuality ratings – either bedroom door firmly closed or anything goes.  Unintentionally, Caz and I both picked books from the milder end of things. I just came off of reading a couple of more intense review books (reviews to be posted soon!), and I thought a category inspy romance might be a nice change of pace.  Caz went with a Patricia Veryan classic.

Yukon Wedding
by Allie Pleiter

Don’t be fooled by that cover. If you can get past the overdose of pink… um… something and what looks like a turtle shell on that poor heroine’s head, you will be treated to a rather endearing story. This is a good marriage of convenience story. How good?  I’m not even a giant fan of […]