TBR Challenge – Old School Romance month

tohaveandtohold I got a bit carried away with this months’ prompt of “Kickin’ it old school” and read several books which were published more than ten years ago. I’ve chosen to post reviews of two; one is a Traditional Regency which, unusually, tells the story of an older couple whose marriage has fallen apart, and the other is a perennial favourite in the AAR Top 100 although it’s clearly a “marmite” book – people love it or hate it.

The latter is Patricia Gaffney’s To Have and to Hold, published in 1995, the middle book of her Wyckerley trilogy. Its male protagonist, Sebastian Verlaine is twenty-nine, handsome as sin, rich and morally bankrupt and the whole story has some very dark overtones that make it hard to read at times.

Sebastian’s pleasure-seeking lifestyle has reached the stage where he’s so steeped in dissipation that he doesn’t feel anything anymore.

“But […]