Really (Not) – We Judge Women By Their Accomplishment!


Society’s standards for women was very much on display this week.  In case you missed it this article in the New York Times summarizes it all.

The first volley was by the New York Times criticizing Lolo Jones for using her looks, and sex appeal to get ahead.  The articles headlines says it all – For Lolo Jones, Everything is Image. This article was printed two days before her event.   And she came in fourth.   Today Lolo’s teammates – Dawn Harper, winner of the silver metal and Kellie Wells, winner of the Bronze stuck the knife in a little more in an interview on NBC Sports.

And you know I get why they are upset.  Lolo’s looks translated into sponsorship and money.  And you can’t say that she didn’t use her looks because she  did appear  nude on this cover and was in ribbons on this one, both which opened her […]