I've Got My Hate On…

frustration…for applications.  In two words: They suck.

Making a long story short, I’m going back to school.  And boy, the hoops they put you through are enough to put you off.  Which is probably their aim, right?  I mean, if you’re forced to write “I want to do this because…” in 50 words, then 500 words, then 1500 words, for three different programs, who want mailed and online applications, and mailed and scanned transcripts, and initial applications through the provincial sorting grounds, and blah blah blah — well, let’s just say the past few months have been hair-raising, hair-tearing days.

No two ways around it though, I have to do them.  Needs must, and all that.

What’s the bane of your existence right now?  (And kudos if you don’t have one.)

– Jean AAR