Wayback on Wednesday: an interview with Meredith Duran

this column was originally published on June 9th, 2009

(and, man, we miss Duran)

Three of AAR’s publishers are buzzing – literally – about Bound by Your Touch, Meredith Duran’s new historical novel to be released at the end of June.

Here’s what Blythe had to say:  “For me, it’s all about the hero – he was completely delicious. The book is just plain encouraging; sometimes it’s easy to think all the really good books have been written already, and there’s nothing else out there.”

Here’s what I say:  I devoured this novel in a  kind of giddy frenzy. The hero is one of the sexiest and most seductive I’ve ever come across and the heroine forthright, likable, sympathetic, and believably damaged.  Bound by Your Touch is one of the best – the very best – historical romances I’ve ever read. […]