117db06a40a59386b5d97cc92373Last night, I saw Aretha Franklin live (the reason for the late post). Okay, more like semi-live, because she was in a tent in Metro Square, and I was looking at a screen on King Street.

My hopes were up.  Aretha Franklin – come on.  She was opening the Toronto Jazz Festival for free.  For free. As my friend said, it would be criminally irresponsible not to go.  So we went.

And if I have to blame one person for the lacklustre experience, it would be the person in charge of the craptastic PA system.  Okay, so not everyone can fit in a tent.  So you put up a big screen and super loud speakers, right?  Besides, outdoor concerts are fun.  You close down King Street, mob together in front of the Royal Alex Theatre, and watch the Queen – no, the Goddess of Soul belt it out, despite what appears […]