Speaking of Audiobooks: When Books Succeed but Audios Fail

UntamedDiscovering earlier this year that more of Lisa Kleypas’ backlist was scheduled for future audiobook release, the romance audio enthusiast inside of me was ecstatic.  Back in my first days of reading romance I read every Kleypas book I could lay my hands on and over the years I’ve devoured each of her new releases as well.  To me, Kleypas is the epitome of the ideal romance writer and I especially treasure her immensely re-readable historical titles from 1993 – 2003.  Seeing a few of these beloved books on that release schedule caused me to feel a bit victorious for romance audiobook fans.

My initial excitement over seeing these Kleypas releases did include a proviso of sorts.  For all-out-excitement, I had to know just who would be chosen to perform each book.  It’s a touchy and, I’ll admit, somewhat personal matter to entrust one of your favorite print books over […]