Diversity in Romance: A Guest Post by Audra North

Audra NorthI’m guest posting today about diversity in romance, with a focus on race and ethnicity, using the responses from a small, informal survey I conducted last month. The discussion about diversity in romance, which goes beyond race and ethnicity, has been ongoing for years, with many people contributing to the advancement and visibility of diverse romance. This is only one small part of the conversation, but I so appreciate All About Romance for lending me space to share these findings.

At Scandalicious Book Reviews, I posted a partial analysis report of the survey, which had 507 respondents. To summarize that report, the most frequently cited obstacle to reading more romance featuring POC main characters was: knowing about existing or upcoming content. Lack of content as well as mistargeted marketing were two suggestions for why discovery is so difficult. Multicultural romances are often subject to specialized categories or descriptions, which places […]