Playing with Fire: A DIK review

Liam Carroll and Robert McKenzie grew up together in the worst part of Glasgow. When Liam came out to his best friend Robert, Robert stuck by him. And when Liam joined Glasgow’s all-LGBT football team, the Warriors, he insisted his bestie be welcomed onto the team, even though he was straight. Since then, Liam and Robert have become the best-coordinated pair of center backs in the amateur league. They form one of the keystones to the team’s growing success and reputation.

So now, the valiant footballers from Glasgow, who have already provided two great romantic pairings, turn their sights on the B in LGBT; and that means Robert.

This lovely book—the third novel in the Glasgow Lads series, which also boasts a novella and a short story—continues to deal with issues of class and education and social welfare against the […]