Hear it for Avos

avocado-xOf all the foods I integrated into my regular diet in New Zealand, it wasn’t the kiwifruit that featured the most prominently, but the avocado. I hadn’t liked the fruit before – the Chinese call the avocado “butter fruit”, for its texture, and I found it slimy and tasteless and full of fat. Well, it’s still slimy and still relatively full of fat, albeit the good kind (I think), but no way are they tasteless anymore.

When it comes to avos, I’m pretty conventional and unimaginative. And lazy. I can’t be bothered making avo soup, and tend to slice it into salads, or just eat it open-faced on a slice of good rye with tomato and havarti. Occasionally, if I have the right ingredients and I can be bothered, I’ll make guacamole. But honestly, I think my favourite way of eating avos is with a spoon and a pinch of salt. […]