The Best of 2015: Ulysses’s List

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Cold Fusion by Harper Fox

Northanger Abbey meets Skyfall?  If you don’t get the references, go look them up. Kier Mallory returns in deep disgrace to his isolated Scottish highland village, having caused the death of two people on the North Sea. He is pulled out of his despair by the odd, reclusive young scientific genius Vivian Calder, disinherited heir of the local lord. No one writes more beautifully in the entire romance world than Harper Fox.

Carry The Ocean by Heidi Cullinan

The greatest strength in Cullinan’s book is its two voices, the alternating narrators: Emmet Washington, a nineteen-year-old college sophomore with autism, and Jeremey Samson, a recent high-school graduate with severe depression and anxiety disorder. Emmet has a family who gets him and has helped him achieve a lot of his potential. Jeremey, not so much. […]