Annual Poll Focus: Best Historical Romance NOT set in the U.K.

Last month we published the first of a series of posts leading up to AAR’s Annual Reader Poll for the best of romance published for the first time in 2015. Each post will focus on one of the Annual Poll categories (see here for last year’s winners) The first post featured the best of Romantic Suspense, and readers had a lot of great recommendations for books we should read.

Next up in this series is the Best Historical Romance NOT set in the U.K. (in other words, every place but England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

Sherry Thomas won in last year’s poll for My Beautiful Enemy. I used the same strategy as last time, and did a series of power searches at AAR to see which non-U.K. historical romances first published in 2015 had received grades of B- or higher by AAR reviewers. This search was a bit […]