Best of 2009, Reviewer’s Choice

I nearly always find writing the Reviewer’s Choice Column affirming (in a “See? There WERE some good books this year!” kind of way). And it’s always nice to have a column with unabashed gushing; often we keep that stuff under wraps. Unlike years past, we all managed to find favorites this year, and some of them were even the same ones.

St. Nachos by Z. A. Maxfield

Anne Marble:
Top pick: St. Nacho’s by Z.A. Maxfield

Anne has led the way with M/M reviews at AAR, and judging from some of our mail, we have some readers who really appreciate these reviews. It’s no surprise that her favorite from 2009 is an M/M romance. She loved that it was written in the first person (and stay tuned; a review is coming).

Three of our staff members chose paranormal novels this year.