AAR at the Movies: Moneyball (and Brad Pitt)

moneyball-movie-poster-2011-1010711003Confession: I don’t actually remember liking Brad Pitt until Ocean’s Eleven. Which was, let’s see, twenty years after Thelma & Louise, Interview with a Vampire, Se7en, and whatever other movies made him famous? I just never found his films interesting, and it always seemed like he was more famous for being famous than for actually acting. (Operative word: “seemed”.)

But I liked Ocean’s Eleven, because it was about a bunch of guys being charming and witty at all ages, and here was this folksy guy-next-door who taught deadbeat teen stars how to play poker properly while stuffing his face with fries. I really liked Ocean’s Eleven, because somehow it changed my image of Brad Pitt forever.

So I saw Moneyball Friday night, and I’ll never see him the same way again. […]