Summer Recipes: Blythe's Mom's Lemon Squares

photoBoth the houses I grew up in had swimming pools, so when any summer holiday rolled around the party was always at my house (in New Jersey this carried the added benefit of free volunteer labor to remove the pool cover on Memorial Day and put it back on on Labor Day). My mom’s lemon squares were always part of the celebration. They were en vogue in the seventies, and her lemon squares were famous for being better than anyone’s. I don’t think it’s because they are hard to make or that she used a vastly different recipe; it’s that she didn’t cut corners with ingredients. You can’t use lemon juice from a bottle or margarine instead of butter; you might as well buy that gross Krustee Lemon Bar kit in a box (no, don’t do that. No one should ever do that. Life is too short.). Years later I […]