Today is the Last Day of Publication for Book World

And somehow I just can’t bring myself to mourn.

I’ve read the Washington Post almost daily since I was a teenager and I am, not surprisingly, a bookie.  And I was from the moment I first got a book in my hand.

I remember the days 15 or 20 years ago, when Book World was a lively, interesting place where I’d read about new writers I wanted to explore.  I remember discovering Anita Brookner and Elizabeth George from the pages of the magazine.  There also used to be a literary quiz question every week that was really challenging, but sometimes I actually knew the answer.  I’d be smug for the entire day.

About 10 years or so ago, something happened to Book World. Okay, I’ll tell you exaactly what happened to Book World:  Michael Dirda (gaseous bagus humongous) took over as editor.  From that day on, the publication became a joke, with its heavy focus on virtually all non-fiction reviews by […]