Boxing Day

From a Very British Christmas:

Why, America, do (you) not bother with Boxing Day? What’s the rationale there? Is it because you’ve already had a lot of days off, what with Thanksgiving and Christmas Day? Do you not wish to enjoy another day in which you can look over your pile of presents, and then eat leftover turkey and watch another blockbuster movie? Are you that motivated that you have to get straight back to work as soon as is humanly possible?

. . . Boxing Day is also traditionally the first day of the post-Christmas sales. So a sizeable chunk of the population will be standing in a queue, ready to barge older and frailer people out of the way in the quest for a knockdown sofa. And if you don’t fancy shopping, your football or rugby team will oblige with a nice match to watch. That’s what we’re doing. Meanwhile, over in the US you’re, what, taking […]