ABC’s Nashville: a contemporary romance on TV


If you like reading contemporary romance, I bet you’d enjoy watching Nashville. It’s got all the ingredients one often encounters in contemporary romance. There’s a strong woman torn between the love of her life and the man she left him for. There’s a conniving yet sympathetic younger woman determined to win the old lover for herself. There’s a secondary romance between a good girl who is slowly learning that a good guy is better than a bad boy. There are family issues galore. The sexual tension starts hot and, as the season progresses, gets hotter. And, all of these plot elements are designed with women viewers in mind. Oh, and though this isn’t found in contemps, there’s kickass music on every show. I love it. So does my sixteen year old daughter and (yes!) my husband.

It’s a great show in part because–like many a great romance novel–the plot is written by a successful woman […]