Summer Recipes: Caz's Traditional English Trifle

IMAG0018With everybody submitting mouth-watering savoury recipes, I thought I would contribute a traditionally English quick and easy dessert idea.

Trifle is a huge favourite here in the UK, and the first known recipe for it appeared in the 1590s, when it consisted of a thick, flavoured cream.

Nowadays, it’s more usually made up of a layer of sponge cake soaked in sherry or other alcoholic beverage of choice (although it’s fine without, too!), covered in jelly (which I believe is known as “jello” across the pond), custard and topped with whipped cream.

That’s normally the variety I make, but the one I’ve given the recipe for here is slightly different in that it doesn’t include the jelly, which makes it a bit faster to put together. […]