Potty Talk

Jessica Simpson is causing a stir.  And no, it is not speculation about her baby bump although you can read about that almost every day.  What Jessica did was post a picture via Twitter of her in the bathroom.  It was supposed to be a cutesy photograph, illustrating how short people have issues with high toilets, but it backfired.  One, it is really too much information, even if the picture is only showing her legs, and two, we now have proof that yes, she takes her phone out in a public restroom and uses it, and lastly, she is not wearing any shoes! Granted she was in a classier restroom than most of us normally visit, but still. 

Not that she is in the minority since 56% of cell phone uses have admitted to doing the same thing. Recent research shows: 70% of individuals are talking followed by 62% texting; 27% are […]