When the Hero You Want Isn’t the Hero She Gets

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I’m thinking of calling it The Eric Factor.

For those of you who don’t read Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series, Eric is a 6’ 4” thousand year-old Viking vampire who – and I don’t think I’m giving away much here – isn’t likely to get the girl.

Yep, it’s true.  No matter how much I keep wishing and deluding myself into finding “hopeful” clues in the books, it’s crystal clear that telepath heroine Sookie isn’t going to hook up on a permanent basis with the devilishly sexy Eric.

It’s a situation I should be used to since it’s not the first time I’ve found myself in the position of rooting for a hero the author…well, obviously isn’t.  (And, gee, something tells me it won’t be the last either.)

But this time out, it hurts bad, […]