An AAR Gift Guide: Children and YA

Following on from our Gift Guide for lovers of Romantic Mysteries, we’re now presenting some ideas for you if you are going to give books as gifts to Children and Young Adults. AAR staffers have come up with some of their favourite books; a mixture of classics, and more recently published tales to suit a variety of tastes.

Anne suggests a selection of classic children’s books, saying that there are some that today’s children might be familiar with. She remembers growing up watching Heidi on TV, but recalls that the most recent adaptation was in 2005, so that younger girls might not have heard of it. The same is true of books such as The Secret Garden, The Wind in the Willows, Treasure Island, and many others. These classics live on because parents (and relatives) give a nice copy to a child and say “This was my favorite book growing up.” The book doesn’t always “take” the […]