What's on your Christmas menu?

christmas-dinner-source_8glMy family doesn’t usually go all out.  First, because we don’t have that many people to cook for (8-10, absolute max, and in recent years it hasn’t even been that).  Second, I guess it’s just temperament.  We stick with stuff we know, and stuff we can’t mess up, and leave it there.

Usually, on our menu in some shape or form, is the following:

  • Roast turkey with gravy and a very yummy stuffing composed of bread cubes, pine nuts, mushrooms, and celery (and other stuff, but that’s the core)
  • Yorkshire pudding.  The one day a year that we indulge in a total grease-fest.  One year I decided to make corn muffins instead of Yorkshire pudding (I was in a corn muffin phase), and they went over well.  But it’s not the same.  At all, at all.
  • Corn.  From frozen.  (Yeah, we’re not picky.)
  • My aunt’s fruit salad.  Which is gooooood.
  • A hot vegetable, usually stir-fried bok […]