TBR Challenge 2011 – Romantic Suspense

rescueme This month, picking a book for the TBR Challenge wasn’t too difficult for me even if getting a chance to read something that wasn’t a trial brief proved a little more tricky. I figured that if I reached into the TBR of Doom and just grab a book at random, chances are it would be romantic suspense or have some kind of paranormal element to it. Testing out my theory, the first book I pulled ended up being Rescue Me by Christy Reece. As I skimmed the back cover blurb, it sounded like I’d picked up one of the dreaded “special ops” series books. Not that I have anything against hot special ops guys, it’s just that these things are the Regency romps of the romantic suspense world. I’ve read too darn many of them and they keep multiplying like rabbits!

However, just like […]