Summer Recipes: Maggie's Cold Spaghetti Salad

spaghetti salad

This is not my recipe. One of my coworkers used to bring this dish to every pot luck our company had. Knowing how much I loved it (I would rave every time she came through the door carrying a bowlful) she made sure to give me the recipe when I left the company. I am not sure the recipe was hers either since I have seen numerous variations of it on the web for several years now. Regardless of where it came from it is one of the treats I most look forward to in summer.

One reason I love it is that I am a complete pasta addict and this is a wonderful, cool way to enjoy spaghetti during the hottest months. Another reason is that pasta salads are a nice way to add variety to the summer picnic table. But the main reason I love it is that […]