Criminal Minds

Two summers ago, it was Bones.  This summer, it’s Criminal Minds.  It seems that when school is out and I have the novel experience of work but no homework, I tend to binge on syndicated crime dramas.  Criminal Minds, like Bones, has been around for a while (5 or 6 years) which means there’s a pretty extensive list of old episodes that run in marathons.

What I like about Criminal Minds is that it’s very psychological.  Rather than look at a crime after the fact, it focuses on crimes of a serial nature; the team profiles the criminal and uses that information to predict their next move and get ahead of them.  Of course, given that the crimes on this show are frequently repeat crimes, often committed by people with serious issues, they tend to be the more terrifying ones: child abduction, pedophilia, serial killing, rape/murder.  It is sometimes really disturbing, but […]