Revisiting an Old DIK: Danelle Harmon’s The Beloved One

When we see “What ever happened to” questions here at AAR, Danelle Harmon is one of the names that often pops up. She wrote the popular de Montforte series in the late 90s, all of which received positive reviews here. I read and loved them all back in the day, and wrote a DIK review of The Beloved One fourteen years ago.

Well, as you may have seen on the interwebs, Danelle is back, with slightly re-worked and re-issued de Monteforte books. All of them have glorious new covers (no more BJ cover for The Beloved One, happily). Danelle had this to say about her sabbatical and return:

It’s been over ten years since my last book came out, and during this rather lengthy sabbatical, I’ve been busy raising our daughter and pursuing other passions, including my Arabian horses and as ever, dog showing. (Our household now includes four, yes […]