Jan 2019 TBR Challenge – Looking For Something Short.

It’s that time again – TBR Challenge is on! Wendy the Superlibrarian is hosting again, and Lynn and Caz are joining the group to challenge one another (and you!) to go through your stack of books and shop your bookcase at least once each month. This month we’re looking for something short – a category romance, a novella or short story, something in that vein. One pick was a little more successful than the other, but hey, we each knocked down something from the TBR mountains.

Smoke and Ashes by Danica Winters

I love category romance and novellas, so the January TBR prompt is usually easy-peasy for me. This time, though, I struggled. I DNF-d first one book and then another. Finally, I happened upon a Harlequin Intrigue from 2016, Smoke and Ashes, that held my […]