April TBR Challenge – Kickin’ it Old-Skool

This month for the TBR Challenge, we were challenged to read a book at least 10 years ago.  We both went further than that, with each of us choosing a Harlequin Historical from the 1990s. Our picks had different settings and tones to them, but we each enjoyed our reading, with Caz reading a Regency from a popular author for the line and Lynn picking a somewhat unusual historical set in the early Georgian period.

The Vicar’s Daughter by Deborah Simmons

For my ‘old-skool’ read, I chose a Harlequin Historical from 1995, the first in Deborah Simmons’ Regency QuartetThe Vicar’s Daughter is one of those ‘stuffed-shirt meets wild-child’ romances (although the heroine isn’t really a wild-child as such), and while it’s fairly predictable, it’s a light-hearted, fun read and the two central characters are well-drawn and endearing.  Maximillian […]