A guest post and giveaway from Megan Frampton

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Thanks for having me today, AAR! I have a new release titled Why Do Dukes Fall in Love?. It’s the fourth book in the Dukes Behaving Badly series, and it has an exceedingly intelligent duke who hires a female secretary. (AAR’s review is here.)

One of the biggest reasons I love writing historical romance is that I love the clothes. All of them, from the snug little pelisses, to the crinolines, to the ribbons and wide skirts and half-sleeves and every bit in between.

As I’ve moved into the early Victorian period, writing the clothes has been more of a challenge, because I prefer the simpler Regency clothing. But that just means I have to find what I do like, and I have. I also often have one of my heroines channel my own taste and rail against the […]