Celebrating Emma Holly

AAR was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Emma Holly, who was a trailblazer of erotic romance. For writers and readers alike, her books expanded the definition of what was possible and permissible to publish. Many people remember her books as their first encounters with menages, and her heroes were among the first to be explicitly and openly bisexual.

Readers here voted Holly the winner of Top Erotic Romance of the year twice (in 2006 for All U Can Eat and in 2007 for Fairyville). Our reviewers have given her three DIKs, to her 2001 book Menage in addition to All U Can Eat and Fairyville.

In 2000, Holly joined AAR’s founder Laurie for a conversation about sex and sexuality. The thoughtfulness with which Holly approached her work is evident throughout the conversation, and the whole post is worth a read. I pulled a few of my […]