The Mighty Pen

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20081111-fountain-penThrough a series of circumstances not worth relating, I currently find myself without a computer at home.  It particularly hurts for my  work as a teacher, as I often do mounds of paperwork and plan many lessons whilst ensconced in bed, and I find myself staying in school a lot later than I want.  What it also means, however, is that my recent contributions to AAR have been handwritten.

I wasn’t always so reliant on computers.  I’ve always written a neat hand and still do, and, while my school notes weren’t copperplate, they were a right sight clearer than most.  Being a visual person, when I went to university I found brainstorming by hand most productive, after which I would write the first draft on a computer.  But gradually I eliminated the first step, brainstorming as I wrote my first draft, and the keyboard, rather than the pen, became […]