Summer Recipes: Amy's Fried Green Tomatoes

IMG_1346 (1280x853) Fried green tomatoes have been a favorite summer treat of mine since I was small. I learned how to make them from my grandmother and like pretty much everyone I know, I have my own particular way of making them. Some folks bread theirs only with flour, others mix in cornmeal and still others use breadcrumbs or panko. And then there are the spice mixtures and dipping sauces!

Personally, I lean toward simpler ways of making these. I’ve enjoyed the heavily breaded panko versions in trendy restaurants but the fried green tomatoes you get out of my kitchen are much more traditional (and easy to make!), and this is how it’s done:

You’ll need

1 green tomato
white cornmeal*
1 egg
milk or buttermilk (optional)
cajun-style seasoning (optional)
cooking oil (peanut is traditional but many use vegetable oil due to allergies)


1. Slice up the green tomato. Don’t slice too thin or the tomato […]