Ewwwww! Not.

whitebait-1The other night I made what I think of as a good old (faux) Mexican fry-up: Mince with onions, mushrooms, kidney beans, chili sauce and plenty of grated cheese, all over rice.  And it was fine.  But something was missing.  So I looked through the fridge, and my eyes fell on a jar of gherkins.

Now, I know this is wrong.  I love pickles and gherkins and anything chutneyish, but I mean, come on.  Gherkins and the above?  Sick!

Until I tried it.  I chopped up the gherkins and sprinkled them on top, and they were the perfect garnish.  The acidity adds a nice punch to the dish and makes it much less filling than otherwise.

Of course, when I told my friends, they thought I was nuts. But then, I can say that their habits of Marmite, cheese, and potato chip sandwiches are equally revolting.

Any food combinations you love, […]