Entering Another World

GlutenfreeNot literally. But sort of.

I had never heard of gluten-free diets until I went to New Zealand, where all of a sudden I saw cafes, restaurants, eateries, and totally hole-in-the-wall take-outs offering gluten-free options. Now, I’d heard of all kinds of diets, from vegetarians to strawberries and cucumbers to anchovies and eggs. But gluten? Not being able to have “normal” bread, and pizza, and brownies and cookies and muffins? Seriously?

I did my research, and of course found that gluten-free diets were a) perfectly prevalent, and b) not necessarily just a random fad. Dude, if you’re allergic to the protein, then you’re allergic. Period.

When I came back to Canada, I saw gluten-free everywhere. […]