Phew. Glad that's over – for now. the first time in weeks, I’m going to wear pants today.  Last night the cold front moved in, I opened the windows, and relished the feeling of being naturally coooooool.

The past two weeks’ heat wave has set records in Toronto, and probably elsewhere in North America.  I know I’m lucky to have a) air conditioning, and even if I didn’t I have b) a brick house, which is much better at staying cool.  But still, it was pretty disgusting whenever I stepped outside.

I stayed cool the way most people did.  Staying in air conditioned areas.  Drinking lots of water.  Not eating heavy meals (I more or less subsisted on lettuce, and was fine).  Wearing a hat and sunblock.  But beyond the mundane details, a part of me has started to worry.  Is it only going to get worse from here? […]